Is specialized in the trading market of cryptocurrencies.
Our company is based on 2 main focuses :

1. Cryptocurrency trading
2. Alerts and informations via an application for those who want to trade by themselves

The market

The Bitcoin, which is the 1st cryptocurrency, was created in 2009. The success of this currency led to the development of the cryptocurrency industry.
Six years later, the capitalization of this new market reached 10 billion $, one year later it reached 20 billion $.
Then it took 3 more months to reach 40 billion $.
Since March 2017, the crypto capitalization reached the milestone of 120 billion $.

The market is experiencing a strong growth in several countries like India, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Nigeria.
These countries now recognized Bitcoin as a real currency.


The volatility across the cryptocurrency markets makes it very difficult to actively keep an eye onmultiple cryptocurrencies.
Given the 24 hour nature of trading, it becomes imperative to have a tool that can alert investors when major movements in the markets happen.


Our company is based on 2 services.

1. Cryptocurrency trading:

Invest and our traders will do the rest in order to create pro ts for you.

2. Application:

You want to trade by yourself ? Take advantage of the alert and information function of our App.

Uptocrypto aims to educate its community on 2 essential points:


Uptocrypto simpli es the access to crucial information and facilitates your decisions through her application which has an alert function.


Our experts analyze and monitor the market prices 24/7. Our Application and alert function will help you optimize the timing of your investment and your trading results.


The different objectives of Uptocrypto are linked to each other :
First of all, we aim to provide access to information through our application to simplify buy and sell decisions and educate our members to acquire the skills and reasoning of a real trader.

Secondly, we want to become the biggest crypto network in the world.
The more our network will develop, the more our impact and in uence on the crypto market will be important.
This is why Uptocrypto opted for a MLM structure for her economic development because it is undoubtedly the most POWERFUL model to create a network.

The third and last point, a developing network will allow us to have a bigger impact on the market and will increase the profits that will be redistributed to all our members.
Since March 2017, the crypto capitalization reached the milestone of 120 billion $.


Join the first trading platform to have an application that

  • monitors and analyzes the market for you
  • informs her community on the crypto currencies to buy
  • uses MLM as an economic model in order to become the biggest crypto community.