Trade Recommendation: WAX

19:29 24/02/2018

This trade recommendation is setting up quickly and requires prompt attention

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DigixDAO: The Only Light in a Sea of Red

19:05 24/02/2018

DigixDao (DGD) advanced briskly on Saturday, confounding a broad downtrend in the cryptocurrency market that dragged most of the top-30 coins lower.

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17:01 24/02/2018

Bitcoin is at $9,800 as of writing, with a lot of pinball price action happening over the past couple of weeks. We have heard nothing but good news. Wyoming is going to be defining a Token that is exempt as a security. This is what we have waited for. Yes

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Trade Recommendation: Vcash

14:51 24/02/2018

The Vcash/Bitcoin (XVC/BTC) pair lost all bullishness on September 13, 2017 after failing to close above 0.0002 resistance. The strength of the bears was so strong that the market went as low as 0.0000333 on October 23. In a little over a month, the pair

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ICO Analysis: SyncFab

10:00 24/02/2018

SyncFab is a technology company established in 2013 and based in San Leandro, California. SyncFab is the first peer-to-peer Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) manufacturing blockchain for the hardware manufacturing supply chain. Manufacturers list their

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YEXT: An Invisible Force In Artificial Intelligence

01:06 24/02/2018

YEXT, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT) is one of those behind the scenes companies involved in Intelligence Search that plays an important role in Artificial Intelligence. What does that mean? Remember the Amazon commercial? “Eco, order a 12” Pizza with pepperoni from S

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Daily Analysis: Oil Extends Rally as Nasdaq Leads Stocks Higher

23:24 23/02/2018

Friday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2749 1.38% DAX 12,483 0.18% WTI Crude Oil 63.58 1.29% GOLD 1330.00 -0.16% Bitcoin 10,14 -0.09% EUR/USD 1.2295 -0.28% US equities built up some bullish momentum towards the end of the week, i

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Week in Review: Crypto Market Loses Steam While Stocks Finish Strong

22:04 23/02/2018

The cryptocurrency market pivoted lower this week, as bitcoin and most major altcoins experienced a broad correction. Though experts have struggled to pin-point an exact reason for the decline, profit-taking and declining trade volumes appear to be at lea

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Technical Analysis: Majors Stage Rally but Strong Levels Still Ahead

19:18 23/02/2018

The cryptocurrency segment has recovered from a broad correction today in early trading, with the most valuable coins all turning into green during the session, despite the bearish start to the overnight session. With bottom-to-top gains of up to 15%, the

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Bitcoin is Clear

14:07 23/02/2018

It’s not often that drama from reality television influences the stock markets but I suppose it’s one of the hallmarks of the new world we live in.

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Trade Recommendation: Decred

13:38 23/02/2018

The Decred/Bitcoin (DCR/BTC) market went in a downtrend on July 16, 2017 when it broke support of 0.01. This triggered a bearish head and shoulders reversal pattern. While the market did bounce on July 29 to reach 0.01325, it closed below 0.01 the next da

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Pre-Market: Stocks Refuse to Fall Even as China Takes Over Key Insurer

13:24 23/02/2018

Although it should have been a very quiet week in China, thanks to the New Year celebrations, the recent surge in volatility and the plunge in equities didn’t pass without consequences in the key market. Just shortly after effectively shutting down the Ch

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Crypto Update: Encouraging Bounce before the Weekend

12:26 23/02/2018

The correction that started out in the major lagging altcoins and spread to the leaders of the market yesterday is weakening, with a nice rally today in early trading in most of the majors.  Although the segment is not out of the woods just yet, the bulli

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My CFD Journey: Bringing it in Again

10:44 23/02/2018

I’m back into the groove. I’m way more patient now, looking for the right entry levels. I’m not jumping into a position like I did before. I’m taking less risk, and having more winning trades. I have an inner conflict with myself,

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ICO Analysis: CloudMoolah

10:00 23/02/2018

CloudMoolah was successfully launched in the USA in October 2017 with currently over 300 developers and more than 10 million gamers using the platform. CloudMoolah is designed to facilitate and manage payments seamlessly between game developers, gamers an

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