Trade Recommendation: XMR/BTC Pair Throwback

16:33 14/12/2017

The XMR/BTC market (Monero) has been in downtrend on the hourly chart after posting a high of 0.0225 on December 6 and failing to hold critical support at 0.02. It went to as low as 0.0145 on December 8 before respecting RSI at 32 where it established sup

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Trade Recommendation: FCT/BTC Bullish Reversal

16:30 14/12/2017

The market reach its all-time high back in June this year when FTC/BTC (Factom) reached 0.01463162. Unfortunately, the pair wasn’t able to sustain its momentum. It created a lower high several days later at 0.01066744 which signalled investors to take pro

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Trade Recommendation: ETC/BTC Pair Bottoming Out

14:27 13/12/2017

The ETC/BTC market has been in a downtrend after it generated a high of 0.00931529 in June and failed to hold support at 0.006 on Poloniex. Bears repelled any meaningful rally and sent the market to as low as 0.00129881. Fortunately for the bulls, it appe

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Ripple Spikes 50% as Bitcoin Lifts Smaller Altcoins

02:38 13/12/2017

Ripple spiked to new highs on Wednesday, as altcoins followed bitcoin higher in the wake of CBOE’s successful futures launch.

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Monero Forges Ahead as Prices Cross $290

03:06 12/12/2017

Monero shot up again on Tuesday, as the privacy-focused altcoin approached new highs on the promise of lower transaction fees.

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Ethereum Flirts With Record Highs as Buterin Compares Crypto Surge to Salvator Mundi Auction

01:39 12/12/2017

Ethereum prices climbed to fresh records on Tuesday, as crypto mania picked up where it left off before the launch of bitcoin futures over the weekend.

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Ethereum's Pullback from Record Territory Continues as CryptoKittes Effect Wears Thin

02:44 11/12/2017

Ethereum resumed its descent Monday, a mere 24 hours after hitting new highs, a sign that the CryptoKitties bump was beginning to wear down.

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Trade Recommendation: Bottom Picking STRAT/BTC

17:00 08/12/2017

The STRAT/BTC pair has been in a downtrend since June this year after it went as high as 0.000468. Yesterday, the market generated an extremely high volume on Bittrex at 6.79k compared to the average daily volume of less than 2k. This signals selling exha

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Altcoin Trade Recommendation: DASH/BTC Range Near Support

15:24 08/12/2017

The DASH/BTC pair has been in a downtrend since March this year, after the pair reached 0.09. Bears sent it back to 0.03405020 where it appears to have established critical support. Today, the market is on the verge of reclaimed another important support

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IOTA Plunges 20% in Broad Correction, but Outlook Remains Bright

07:58 07/12/2017

IOTA came crashing back down to earth on Thursday following an epic rally that took prices to record levels. The latest pullback has done very little to dissuade market participants about the coin’s long-term appeal.

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Bitcoin Spin-Offs are Struggling to Keep Up With Original Blockchain

00:57 07/12/2017

Bitcoin prices surged to record highs on Thursday, as investors awaited the start of institutional trading early next week. For bitcoin’s spin-offs, gains have been harder to come by as of late, a sign that markets have fully moved on from the faile

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Billion Dollar Cryptocurrencies: 18 Coins Now Part of the Exclusive Club

21:49 05/12/2017

The market for billion-dollar cryptocurrencies got bigger over the weekend, as investor appetite continued to spread beyond the preeminent bitcoin.

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OmiseGo Hits Double Digits as Market Cap Soars Past $1 Billion

03:08 05/12/2017

OmiseGo (OMG) has become one of the latest cryptocurrencies to join the billion-dollar club, as prices shot up to double-digits following a month of stellar gains.

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DragonChain (DRGN): Release the Dragons

01:01 05/12/2017

DragonChain (DRGN) was originally developed at Disney in 2015-16 and was later released as open source. DragonChain ICO recently ended and the value has climbed considerably, even though it is still only listed on Etherdelta. The cryptocurrency allows com

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Trade Recommendation: BTSBTC

18:54 04/12/2017

We are always on the lookout to buy cryptocurrencies that are likely to change their trend from down to up. We look for basing formations and a subsequent breakout to enter the trade. The longer the basing pattern, the stronger is the resulting breakout.

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