Daily Analysis: Dollar Falls, Gold Jumps after Yellen’s Final Move

23:45 13/12/2017

Wednesday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2668 -0.02% DAX 13125 -0.45% WTI Crude Oil 56.65 -0.68% GOLD 1258.00 1.35% Bitcoin 16,100 -6.32% EUR/USD 1.1842 0.73% The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates as expected today, and altho

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Technical Analysis: Volatility on the Rise Again, as Ripple and Ethereum Hit Targets

21:30 13/12/2017

Ripple has been the star of today’s session in the cryptocurrency segment, as the only major coin on a long-term buy signal in our trend model continued yesterday’s break-out, and surged to a new all-time high. The currency cleared the $0.425 level that m

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Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Grinds Higher as Records Tumble in Altcoins

22:42 12/12/2017

The historical surge in the segment, which is the second such move this year, continued today, with another round of break-outs in some of the major altcoins and tepid gains for BTC investors. Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and first and foremost Litecoin was le

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Technical Analysis: Litecoin Continues Surge as Bitcoin Tests Highs

21:17 11/12/2017

With the crypto world being focused on the historical futures launch, the major coins all enjoyed buying following a hectic weekend, and a volatile week as a whole. BTC itself got another boost from the widespread publicity and the volatile correction of

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Long-Term Analysis of the Silver Market

20:46 10/12/2017

The silver market has once again caught investors’ interest as the price is nearing areas not seen since late 2008.

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Long-Term Cryptocurrency Analysis: Look Out Below?

20:22 09/12/2017

After last week’s observation that a major top is in or near in the segment, the Bitcoin surge continued for almost a week, with Thursday’s wild session taking the coin as high as $19,000 (the article uses Bitstamp prices) on some exchanges. While the cur

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Daily Analysis: Stocks Rise on Mixed Jobs Report, Bank gains as Bitcoin Wobbles

22:44 08/12/2017

Friday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2651 0.45% DAX 13153 0.85% WTI Crude Oil 57.34 1.12% GOLD 1250.00 0.21% Bitcoin 15775 -4.10% EUR/USD 1.1774 -0.01% The “Week of Bitcoin” ended on a positive note regarding traditional financ

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Technical Analysis: Crypto-Chaos Ensues as Rally Stalls in Bitcoin, Litecoin Breaks-Out

17:59 08/12/2017

The unprecedented rise in Bitcoin reached its vertical phase yesterday, with astronomical trading volumes, technical difficulties on the major exchanges, and extreme trading range in the most valuable coin before next week’s crucial BTC-futures launch.

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Daily Analysis: Stocks Bounce, Pound Surges as Bitcoin Enters Hyperspace

20:59 07/12/2017

Thursday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2636 0.29% DAX 13045 0.36% WTI Crude Oil 56.62 1.22% GOLD 1247.00 -1.61% Bitcoin 15,300 22.89% EUR/USD 1.1774 -0.17% Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin’s biggest day ever; and that is for an asset t

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Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Clears $15,000 as Altcoins Plunge

16:52 07/12/2017

The cryptocurrency segment has a two-faced session today, as Bitcoin’s amazing rise continues to make headlines, while the major altcoins are in in the red across the board with even the previous leaders turning lower. BTC’s dominant rally carried the mos

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Daily Analysis: Markets Mixed as Commodities Remain Under Pressure

01:23 07/12/2017

Wednesday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2634 0.19% DAX 12998 -0.35% WTI Crude Oil 56.02 -1.72% GOLD 1266.00 -0.11% Bitcoin 13,897 16.45% EUR/USD 1.1796 -0.23% Donald Trump made headlines with yet another controversial decision

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Technical Analysis: IOTA Goes Berserk as Bitcoin Defies Gravity Again

22:20 06/12/2017

The late-stage rally in the segment continued, as buying is concentrated in fewer and fewer names, with the rest of the majors experiencing capital outflows, as they are already entering a correction. The most valuable coins extended its historic rally ab

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Bitcoin Prices Clip $12,000 as Institutional Demand Grows

02:51 06/12/2017

The plot thickened for bitcoin on Tuesday, as prices breached $12,000 for the first time ahead of the planned launch of BTC futures this weekend. With the gain, bitcoin has doubled in price since the Nov. 12 swing low.

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Technical Analysis: Monero Jumps as Bitcoin Breaches Record High

19:06 05/12/2017

The cryptocurrency market continued to grind higher, thanks to a few standout performances, especially from Monero and IOTA, while Bitcoin has been struggling to gain momentum, although it scored a marginal new high today. With all that in mind, the marke

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Technical Analysis: Market Settles Down as IOTA's Surge Continues

06:55 05/12/2017

Bitcoin led the way for the segment throughout the weekend, as trading remained volatile although the size of the ranges declined substantially. BTC continues to trade near its all-time high above the $11,000 level, and the total value of the segment is a

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