Trade Recommendation: Ride the Next Rally of Bitcoin

15:30 13/12/2017

The profit taking period that saw the Bitcoin market fall from 19,697 to a low of 13,501 in a matter of a few days is almost up. The market appears to have generated a new higher low and will use that level to make its next move up.

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Will CME and CBOE Change the Course of Bitcoin Trading?

14:22 12/12/2017

There has been a lot of media buzz in the investment world around the introduction of bitcoin futures trading. Two of Chicago’s major firms, namely Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group Inc) and Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe), have announced plans

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Is Bitcoin Stealing Gold's Luster?

10:50 12/12/2017

It may still be too early to gauge Wall Street’s attitude towards bitcoin but so far the sentiment we’re seeing is extreme caution.

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Power Consumption for Bitcoin Mining Is Now Ranked 61st in the World

15:30 11/12/2017

Bitcoin prices have been towering in the past couple of weeks. This is cause for celebration for users who have heavily invested in the cryptocurrency; but, it appears the value of bitcoin is not the only thing that has hit the roof in 2017. Bitcoin minin

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Bitcoin Futures Officially Launch on CBOE

01:02 11/12/2017

The long-awaited bitcoin futures contract officially debuted on CBOE Global Markets Sunday, sending BTC/USD sharply higher. Trade volumes were reportedly thin as CBOE’s website crashed immediately after the contract went live.

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Bitcoin Plunges $2,000 on Eve of Futures Contract

08:21 10/12/2017

Bitcoin prices declined sharply over the weekend, as traders locked in profits before the highly anticipated XBT futures contract.

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She's Gonna Blow!

12:57 07/12/2017

The meteoric rise of bitcoin has accelerated yet again as the world’s number one digital currency broke a new record raising $2299 a coin in a 24-hour window.

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Bitcoin Party on Wall Street

11:06 06/12/2017

Looks like a lot more people may be reading these updates than I thought. Two days ago we spoke about crypto-kitties and then it got so popular it slowed down the Ethereum Network. Yesterday we showed a chart with the total market cap of all stocks in the

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Bitcoin Is Eyeing $12,000 in New Show of Strength

23:48 03/12/2017

Bitcoin accelerated over the weekend, with prices reaching new all-time highs ahead of the planned launch of a new futures contract later this month.

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Bitcoin Crosses $10,000 for the First Time Ever

01:59 29/11/2017

Break out the champagne bottles because bitcoin just hit five-figures for the first time ever even as bubble concerns multiply.

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Modern Pricing is Getting Aggressive

13:44 27/11/2017

Over the weekend, the world’s favorite cryptocurrency has crossed a very important milestone of $9,000 per coin. It didn’t stop there though and many speculate that it could cross the even rounder psychological barrier of $10,000, possibly ver

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Wanna Take a Road Trip?

13:19 16/11/2017

After many blasts and sounds of gunfighting on the streets of Harare in Zimbabwe, it seems that the army finally has things under control.

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Bitcoin's Wild Ride Continues as Prices Recover Near $6,400

21:35 13/11/2017

Bitcoin prices traded sharply to the upside Monday, overcoming a weekend sell-off that drove the cryptocurrency to multi-week lows.

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Bitcoin Price Shakeup Continues as Bitcoin Cash Adds 150%

00:17 13/11/2017

Bitcoin’s upheaval continued over the weekend, as the world’s No. 1 digital currency shed another 20% en route to three-week lows. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the recently spawned alternative to the original blockchain, has added a staggering 150% sin

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Two Different Directions for the World

10:35 10/11/2017

As I start writing to you today, a multi-national conference is underway in Danang Vietnam. This conference had two keynote speakers, arguably the two most powerful men in the world at the moment, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

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