My CFD Journey: Bringing it in Again

10:44 23/02/2018

I’m back into the groove. I’m way more patient now, looking for the right entry levels. I’m not jumping into a position like I did before. I’m taking less risk, and having more winning trades. I have an inner conflict with myself,

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My CFD Journey: Taking it slower, bringing in the profits

11:46 22/02/2018

I’m way more careful now, I monitor the market and play mind games. What if I had bought at this level? Then I wait and watch what happens with the price. Most of these games have been profitable, so if I only had entered them I would have made much

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My Bumpy CFD Journey: Still in Profits

10:47 21/02/2018

Oh my. Day trading CFDs is no joke. The market has been very volatile. I’ve had positions with plenty of gains, to only be SLed out after a massive price swing. I am still trying to figure out how I can have a profitable trading strategy. Previous m

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My CFD Journey: Lost Most of My Gained Capital

17:43 14/02/2018

Oh my. CFD isn’t for everyone. I started the day by going long on Dax, which worked out fine for the entire day. But then, when the CPI numbers came out showing an increase of 0.5% instead of the anticipated 0.3%, Dax and other indexes just plummete

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My CFD Journey: Major Blow Yesterday

09:24 14/02/2018

Worst drawback that I’ve had happened yesterday. I kept hitting trades that just failed miserably. The market has totally changed it’s game since last week. It’s way more choppier and it has rebounded better than I expected. I had to coo

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My CFD Journey: 171 000 USD in Profit

19:26 12/02/2018

Yesterday, I was going to short Dow Jones at 24,250. Something told me to wait until the pre-market opened at 00:00 GMT+1 on my trading platform. Thank god that I waited. The Dow jumped up to 24,360 and I would have been in a bad position. After Dow’

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I'm Now Profitable trading CFDs: My Main Takeaway

11:40 11/02/2018

I just did my final accounting yesterday, and I believed I had lost far more on trading CFDs in 2017. My main issue last year was that I thought Dow Jones couldn’t rise further. I felt too bearish in a bullish market. I ended up shorting Dow Jones t

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My CFD Journey: Up and Down like a Yo-Yo, 244 000 USD in Profit

16:54 09/02/2018

Wow the markets are bouncing around. When you think it will turn negative, the market jumps in the opposite direction with 50 points. I had 150 000 USD in profit this morning when I took a break. Then I was back trading this noon, and everything went sour

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My Profitable CFD Journey: Up 212 000 USD today

18:59 08/02/2018

This doesn’t seem to stop. Something has happened to me know. I keep hitting the trades. I feel like water..

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My CFD Journey: Up 278 000 USD Today

12:26 07/02/2018

Yet another good morning for me and my CFD trading scheme. Yesterday I made 236 000 USD, so I’ve beaten that. Right now, I just feel so detached from the money. It really is just points for me. In some trades I lose 50 000 USD, others I make 75 000

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My Insane CFD Journey: Down 340 000 USD, Then Up 620 000 USD

12:34 06/02/2018

So… After the post I wrote on Friday, I did the WORST MISTAKE you can ever make when trading CFDs. I decided to buy Dow Jones that was plummeting. RSI and Stoch showed overbought and the markets were about to close. I thought that we would see a qui

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My CFD Journey: Up 10,000 USD During Opening Trade of Dax

11:01 01/02/2018

During the opening of Dax today at 09:00 CET I tried to enter a buy position which would have turned in some crazy profits. Unfortunately, the trading platform that I use did not allow me to open any... You must be logged in to keep reading. Important: Ne

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My CFD Journey: Still Printing Money

15:24 31/01/2018

Most of my funds are invested in different assets, indexes and long term schemes (including a high interest savings account). When Dow Jones fell from 26,600 to 26,000 ish I got a bit concerned over my long term investments. With the CFD strategy I’

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My CFD Journey: Up $19 000 Past two Days

08:50 30/01/2018

It feels like I’m printing money right now. During my first four days with trading CFD I’m up more than 12% in total with 33 000 USD in profit. I made a few mistakes yesterday where I... You must be logged in to keep reading. Important: Never

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My CFD Journey: Day 2 Up $8 000

16:32 26/01/2018

Today was an interesting day. I followed the speech of Donald Trump live and tried to see if I could pinpoint a good buy or sell order based on his speech. He was mostly positive about the American... You must be logged in to keep reading. Important: Neve

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