Crypto Market Reaches Historic Milestone as Ether, Ripple Surge

22:20 13/12/2017

The cryptocurrency market reached a historic milestone Wednesday, as the combined sum of all coins in circulation peaked above half a trillion dollars for the first time. The gains were mainly driven by Ethereum and Ripple XRP, a pair of high-profile altc

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Ethereum Just Broke $700 for the First Time

14:51 13/12/2017

Ethereum caught a tailwind higher on Wednesday, as prices broke above $700 for the first time ever amid general optimism in the cryptocurrency arena.

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Trade Recommendation: Power Ledger (POWR)

06:29 10/12/2017

After Power Ledger’s ICO raise, it fell to around November highs. Previous highs usually become future resistance levels. You can see this clearly from the chart. POWR made an incredible run to 0.00011698 sats on Nov. 11. The correction should be co

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Cryptocurrency Market Corrects Lower as Bitcoin, Altcoins Slip

19:17 09/12/2017

The world’s top cryptocurrencies corrected lower on Saturday, as investors scaled back their positions following a week of record-setting gains.

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Futures Trading – Bullish or Bearish for Bitcoin?

06:49 08/12/2017

Writing anything against the price rise in bitcoin is like keeping your head in a guillotine and expecting it to be unhurt. However, at times, one’s got to do what one’s got to do. So, at the risk of ruffling a few feathers among the bitcoin enthusiasts a

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Trade Recommendation: Bitcoin Gold

12:20 04/12/2017

The trading idea is based on a price reversal from the support zone formed by the uptrend line, SMA100 and 300.00 support level. If the market bounces from this zone and breaks the downtrend line, we’ll get a confirmation of further upward movement.

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Trade Recommendation: ZCoin

13:28 28/11/2017

The trading idea is based on a breakout above the downtrend line with further continuation of the uptrend. RSI is going to confirm price reversal from SMA100 and 0.003500 support level. MACD histogram supports upward movement. Pending orders for buy shoul

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Trade Recommendation: Stratis

12:42 27/11/2017

This trading idea is based on a double bullish divergence which gives us a trend reversal signal. We can try to join a new price movement at the beginning of it. RSI confirmed price reversal from the support zone. MACD lines give bullish signal. We can us

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Global Cryptocurrency Market Hits $300 Billion

06:42 27/11/2017

The cryptocurrency market reached new highs Monday, as bitcoin and a handful of altcoins extended their record-setting surge.

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Trade Recommendation: OmiseGo

12:00 25/11/2017

The price bounced from the reversal zone which was formed by the uptrend line and 7.40 support level. Passing through the cloud of Ichimoku indicator gives us a buy signal. DMI supports upward movement and allows trading. Pending orders for buy should be

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Imaginary Numbers & Irrelevant Laws

12:29 22/11/2017

Even though the World Wide Web has been around for nearly 30 years legislation surrounding this groundbreaking technology is still in its infancy. Two laws have just been passed that could change things quite significantly.

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Is Ethereum Ready to Play Catch Up With Bitcoin?

18:49 19/11/2017

In mid-June of this year, the difference between the market capitalization of bitcoin and Ethereum had narrowed down to less than $8 billion. This had many market participants excited. They expected Ethereum to dethrone bitcoin as the leader, a move popul

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Robbing from the Poor to Feed the Rich

11:08 17/11/2017

As we see the astonishing rate of bitcoin adoption accelerate throughout the globe, one of the key things to watch are region specific updates.

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Ethereum Shows Signs of Life as Price Crosses $330

02:17 15/11/2017

Ethereum gained the upper hand against the dollar Tuesday, rising to its highest level in a month as prices overcame a series of technical hurdles.

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Bitcoin Cash is Making a Splash

12:19 13/11/2017

The action in the crypto markets over the weekend has been simply phenomenal. After the Segwit2X hard fork was called off last Thursday the crypto markets have been bouncing around like a kangaroo on steroids.

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