A Career in Crypto: How to Work in the World’s Fastest Growing Market

00:01 13/12/2017

The cryptocurrency revolution is more than just a fad – it is creating real jobs in the economy. Recent data provided by LinkedIn showed that bitcoin-related job postings in the financial sector alone skyrocketed 900% over the last three years, a clear si

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A Beginner's Guide to Ethereum: Buy Ether Now Or Wait?

04:00 08/12/2017

When is it a good time to buy and sell a particular Cryptocurrency? That is the million-dollar question. Surely, the person who could know the answer would be a multi billionaire by now. There are, however, certain trends and signs one can look out for th

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Understanding Cryptocurrency Price Factors

05:48 03/12/2017

By now everyone is well aware of the incredible run that the cryptocurrency market has had this year, with bitcoin recently smashing past the $10,000 mark. Despite this however, the price journey of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is not simply just a ve

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Four Reasons Why ICO Funding Is Slowing

21:00 02/12/2017

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have quickly emerged as a multi-billion-dollar industry, but concerns over regulation are compelling many startups to think twice before issuing their crowdsale. These regulatory hurdles, combined with greater investor scruti

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Why Token Velocity Matters

06:09 01/12/2017

These are still the early days in understanding token based crypto-economies. Whilst many of the principles of economics used aren’t new; the ability to hardcode rules into a system offer unparalleled opportunities to experiment with behavioural economics

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Bitcoin IRA: How to Save for Retirement Using Cryptocurrency

00:07 19/11/2017

Technology has revolutionized the way we manage our savings and retirement accounts. Until recently, cryptocurrency was considered too volatile for inclusion in individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Though still plenty volatile, cryptocurrency is now con

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Research an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Like a Pro - Insider Information

16:04 07/11/2017

I usually write about Altcoins investing and trading. Right now I wanted to spill the beans on how I research an ICO. If you are not familiar with an ICO, it is a coin offering an altcoin does to raise funds to build the product or to expand their company

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Make More Profit with Proof of Stake Altcoins - Ultimate Guide

18:50 05/11/2017

Here is a list of all coins that are Proof-of-Stake. Some of these coins get very little volume but I wanted this to be an extensive list of all coins that are proof-of-stake. The value of these type coins is that you can buy and hold any amount of the co

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3 Altcoin Investing Strategies for Maximum Profit

16:32 04/11/2017

Investing in altcoins is very risky and can hurt your wallet if you are not careful but it can also give you unbelievable returns. I wanted to go over a couple of strategies you can use when entering into altcoins.

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Top 3 Ways to Crush Day Trading and Swing Trading Altcoins

08:00 03/11/2017

*Disclaimer – I am not a financial advisor. Invest and trade at your own risk. The following is my opinion.

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Going Green: An Investor’s Guide to the Marijuana Industry

23:57 25/10/2017

The war on marijuana is slowly coming to an end, and don’t investors know it. Very few industries have captured the imagination of Wall Street and Main Street quite like cannabis. With legalization sweeping the continent, many investors believe they are o

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