Jeff Sessions' War on Marijuana Rattles Cannabis Stocks, but the Battle Is Far from Over

05:44 12/01/2018

North American marijuana stocks plunged for a second straight session Thursday, as investors continued to weigh the Trump administration’s policy U-turn on recreational cannabis. North America... You must be logged in to keep reading. Important: Nev

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Marijuana Index Plunges as Justice Department Repeals Obama's Lax Marijuana Policies

05:50 05/01/2018

Cannabis investments took a nosedive Thursday after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions repealed former President Barack Obama’s relaxation of marijuana prosecution. The decision ended nearly a... You must be logged in to keep reading. Important: Ne

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Legal U.S. Cannabis Sales Up 30% This Year, With Room to Grow

00:51 26/12/2017

America’s retail marijuana sales rose sharply this year, with signs that legislative reform is poised to boost the industry even further in 2018.

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Marijuana Stocks Continue to Grow Ahead of California's Planned Legalization

06:00 13/12/2017

Marijuana stocks powered to new highs on Tuesday, as investors rallied behind the planned legalization of recreational cannabis in California next month.

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