Trade Recommendation: XMR/BTC Pair Throwback

16:33 14/12/2017

The XMR/BTC market (Monero) has been in downtrend on the hourly chart after posting a high of 0.0225 on December 6 and failing to hold critical support at 0.02. It went to as low as 0.0145 on December 8 before respecting RSI at 32 where it established sup

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Trade Recommendation: FCT/BTC Bullish Reversal

16:30 14/12/2017

The market reach its all-time high back in June this year when FTC/BTC (Factom) reached 0.01463162. Unfortunately, the pair wasn’t able to sustain its momentum. It created a lower high several days later at 0.01066744 which signalled investors to take pro

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Can a New Generation of Regulated Token Sales Save ICOs?

13:00 14/12/2017

The bad news first: ICOs are in big trouble.

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Asian Market Update – Thursday: Ethereum extends rally; Asian stocks down after US rates hike

06:01 14/12/2017

The Big Question: Is ethereum finally catching up with bitcoin? Bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin were all pointing higher on Thursday morning in Asia, with large gains seen in ethereum, and slight gains in bitcoin and litecoin.

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Daily Analysis: Dollar Falls, Gold Jumps after Yellen’s Final Move

23:45 13/12/2017

Wednesday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2668 -0.02% DAX 13125 -0.45% WTI Crude Oil 56.65 -0.68% GOLD 1258.00 1.35% Bitcoin 16,100 -6.32% EUR/USD 1.1842 0.73% The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates as expected today, and altho

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Crypto Market Reaches Historic Milestone as Ether, Ripple Surge

22:20 13/12/2017

The cryptocurrency market reached a historic milestone Wednesday, as the combined sum of all coins in circulation peaked above half a trillion dollars for the first time. The gains were mainly driven by Ethereum and Ripple XRP, a pair of high-profile altc

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Technical Analysis: Volatility on the Rise Again, as Ripple and Ethereum Hit Targets

21:30 13/12/2017

Ripple has been the star of today’s session in the cryptocurrency segment, as the only major coin on a long-term buy signal in our trend model continued yesterday’s break-out, and surged to a new all-time high. The currency cleared the $0.425 level that m

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Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates for Third Time This Year, Keep 2018 Policy Outlook Unchanged

20:38 13/12/2017

The Federal Reserve moved ahead with its third rate hike of the year Wednesday, signaling renewed confidence in the domestic economy. In doing so, policymakers affirmed their outlook for three more upward adjustments in 2018.

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Trump's Proposed Tax Changes Could Impact Cryptocurrency Investors

17:47 13/12/2017

As the Trump administration nears a historic overhaul of the U.S. tax code, cryptocurrency investors should be on high alert for changes that could impact their holdings. As it turns out, both versions of the new tax bill include tidbits that could impact

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Trade Recommendation: Ride the Next Rally of Bitcoin

15:30 13/12/2017

The profit taking period that saw the Bitcoin market fall from 19,697 to a low of 13,501 in a matter of a few days is almost up. The market appears to have generated a new higher low and will use that level to make its next move up.

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Ethereum Just Broke $700 for the First Time

14:51 13/12/2017

Ethereum caught a tailwind higher on Wednesday, as prices broke above $700 for the first time ever amid general optimism in the cryptocurrency arena.

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Trade Recommendation: ETC/BTC Pair Bottoming Out

14:27 13/12/2017

The ETC/BTC market has been in a downtrend after it generated a high of 0.00931529 in June and failed to hold support at 0.006 on Poloniex. Bears repelled any meaningful rally and sent the market to as low as 0.00129881. Fortunately for the bulls, it appe

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What's Behind the Cryptosurge

10:18 13/12/2017

If you’re reading this you’re probably aware of the unimaginable gains that have been seen across the crypto market this year. Last night we saw a new and very important milestone that has provoked some interesting commentary.

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Marijuana Stocks Continue to Grow Ahead of California's Planned Legalization

06:00 13/12/2017

Marijuana stocks powered to new highs on Tuesday, as investors rallied behind the planned legalization of recreational cannabis in California next month.

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Asian Market Update – Wednesday: Coins fall back after strong rally; Asian stocks mixed ahead of Fed decision

05:27 13/12/2017

Litecoin surged 60 percent on Coinbase, but other exchanges are lagging behind The main cryptocurrencies took a hard hit on Wednesday morning in Asia, after strong gains the day before.

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