ICO Analysis: The Game Machine

05:01 13/12/2017

In recent years passionate gamers have been exploited by huge game development companies that hold a monopoly over the industry. The recent EA Star Wars Battlefront catastrophe brought a lot of attention to an issue that gamers are all too familiar with.

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Ripple Spikes 50% as Bitcoin Lifts Smaller Altcoins

02:38 13/12/2017

Ripple spiked to new highs on Wednesday, as altcoins followed bitcoin higher in the wake of CBOE’s successful futures launch.

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A Career in Crypto: How to Work in the World’s Fastest Growing Market

00:01 13/12/2017

The cryptocurrency revolution is more than just a fad – it is creating real jobs in the economy. Recent data provided by LinkedIn showed that bitcoin-related job postings in the financial sector alone skyrocketed 900% over the last three years, a clear si

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Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Grinds Higher as Records Tumble in Altcoins

22:42 12/12/2017

The historical surge in the segment, which is the second such move this year, continued today, with another round of break-outs in some of the major altcoins and tepid gains for BTC investors. Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and first and foremost Litecoin was le

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Bitcoin Proxy Shares Rise Following Launch of CBOE Futures Contract

22:00 12/12/2017

Equities with indirect exposure to bitcoin have been on a tear as of late, as the cryptocurrency euphoria spread beyond the digital asset class to include some notable players on Wall Street.

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Trade Recommendation: Buy EVHC and EQT on Selling Exhaustion

16:21 12/12/2017

The S&P 500 Index (SPX) continues its ascent as it knocks on immediate resistance at 2,660. Currently, the index is traversing overbought territory. Ideally, it takes a dip now and fill the gap between 2,640 and 2,646 which was created on December 8,

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Will CME and CBOE Change the Course of Bitcoin Trading?

14:22 12/12/2017

There has been a lot of media buzz in the investment world around the introduction of bitcoin futures trading. Two of Chicago’s major firms, namely Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group Inc) and Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe), have announced plans

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Is Bitcoin Stealing Gold's Luster?

10:50 12/12/2017

It may still be too early to gauge Wall Street’s attitude towards bitcoin but so far the sentiment we’re seeing is extreme caution.

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Asian Market Update – Tuesday: Litecoin price skyrockets despite creator’s warning; Asian stocks down

07:03 12/12/2017

The Big Question: What’s going on with litecoin? Bitcoin might very well be the top story these days, but an explosive run by litecoin in recent days has gotten the attention of the cryptocurrency world and beyond.

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Is Bitcoin Driving Gold Prices Lower?

06:50 12/12/2017

Bitcoin’s record-setting advance since the start of the year has left other asset classes out in the cold. As gold continues to struggle below $1,300, some analysts have noted an inverse correlation between the two asset classes.

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Monero Forges Ahead as Prices Cross $290

03:06 12/12/2017

Monero shot up again on Tuesday, as the privacy-focused altcoin approached new highs on the promise of lower transaction fees.

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Ethereum Flirts With Record Highs as Buterin Compares Crypto Surge to Salvator Mundi Auction

01:39 12/12/2017

Ethereum prices climbed to fresh records on Tuesday, as crypto mania picked up where it left off before the launch of bitcoin futures over the weekend.

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Altcoin Investing Strategy as Futures Hit the Market

00:53 12/12/2017

There is a lot of buzz around cryptocurrency right now as bitcoin futures hit Sunday evening. No one really knows how bitcoin futures will impact the underlying price of BTC/USD for the long-term. One theory states that large institutions will short bitco

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Companies are Lining Up to Launch Bitcoin ETF, According to SEC

22:15 11/12/2017

Two companies have stepped forward with applications to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), according to a recent report from CCN. The renewed push toward ETFs comes as more institutional inves

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Technical Analysis: Litecoin Continues Surge as Bitcoin Tests Highs

21:17 11/12/2017

With the crypto world being focused on the historical futures launch, the major coins all enjoyed buying following a hectic weekend, and a volatile week as a whole. BTC itself got another boost from the widespread publicity and the volatile correction of

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