ICO Analysis: CanYa

10:00 09/12/2017

CanYa is offering a platform for the exchange of peer-to-peer services.

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Cryptokitties Made Us Realize These Biggest Industry Challenges

08:00 09/12/2017

You may not be in the loop but Cryptokitties have just surpassed the major distributed cryptocurrency exchange such as EtherDelta to become the largest smart contract on the Ethereum network by gas consumption. As of writing this, the Cryptokitties are ac

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Hacked.com Weekly Webinar: Dec. 8 Edition

05:06 09/12/2017

Bitcoin’s improbable run continued this week, as investors prepared for the arrival of derivatives trading. Hacked.com has the latest.

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Week in Review: Bitcoin's Improbable Surge Continues, Dollar Posts Best Week This Year and Stocks Hit New Records

01:23 09/12/2017

Bitcoin has been the talk of the town lately, as volumes spiked and prices surged in anticipation of the CBOE futures contract. Altcoins also rose sharply before reversing course later in the week.

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Daily Analysis: Stocks Rise on Mixed Jobs Report, Bank gains as Bitcoin Wobbles

22:44 08/12/2017

Friday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2651 0.45% DAX 13153 0.85% WTI Crude Oil 57.34 1.12% GOLD 1250.00 0.21% Bitcoin 15775 -4.10% EUR/USD 1.1774 -0.01% The “Week of Bitcoin” ended on a positive note regarding traditional financ

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South Korea Loosens Grip on ICOs

21:42 08/12/2017

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) will not be banned in South Korea after all, according to a recent decision by the central government. Although the market will still be governed by strict regulations, institutional players will have the opportunity to inves

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Technical Analysis: Crypto-Chaos Ensues as Rally Stalls in Bitcoin, Litecoin Breaks-Out

17:59 08/12/2017

The unprecedented rise in Bitcoin reached its vertical phase yesterday, with astronomical trading volumes, technical difficulties on the major exchanges, and extreme trading range in the most valuable coin before next week’s crucial BTC-futures launch.

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Trade Recommendation: Bottom Picking STRAT/BTC

17:00 08/12/2017

The STRAT/BTC pair has been in a downtrend since June this year after it went as high as 0.000468. Yesterday, the market generated an extremely high volume on Bittrex at 6.79k compared to the average daily volume of less than 2k. This signals selling exha

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Altcoin Trade Recommendation: DASH/BTC Range Near Support

15:24 08/12/2017

The DASH/BTC pair has been in a downtrend since March this year, after the pair reached 0.09. Bears sent it back to 0.03405020 where it appears to have established critical support. Today, the market is on the verge of reclaimed another important support

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ICO Analysis: LALA World

08:00 08/12/2017

Although greater progress has been made toward expanding financial inclusion, the majority of the world’s population still lacks access to a bank account. According to the World Bank, roughly 51% of the world’s adult population had no bank acc

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Futures Trading – Bullish or Bearish for Bitcoin?

06:49 08/12/2017

Writing anything against the price rise in bitcoin is like keeping your head in a guillotine and expecting it to be unhurt. However, at times, one’s got to do what one’s got to do. So, at the risk of ruffling a few feathers among the bitcoin enthusiasts a

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Asian Market Update – Friday: Bitcoin falls back after insane rally; Asian stocks rally on better Japanese GDP data

05:15 08/12/2017

Bitcoin market in a state of euphoria Bitcoin prices climbed up in another rally in Asian trading Friday morning, bellowing away $16,000 and $17,000 to reach a high of $17,627 before falling back.

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A Beginner's Guide to Ethereum: Buy Ether Now Or Wait?

04:00 08/12/2017

When is it a good time to buy and sell a particular Cryptocurrency? That is the million-dollar question. Surely, the person who could know the answer would be a multi billionaire by now. There are, however, certain trends and signs one can look out for th

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America's Largest Banks Do Not Support Bitcoin Futures

01:03 08/12/2017

The pending arrival of bitcoin futures has sent cryptocurrency prices through the roof, but for Wall Street, the new derivatives products are being met with criticism. In fact, the world’s largest banks are reportedly halting the move.

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NEM the Latest to Take the Plunge as Prices Fall 10%

00:31 08/12/2017

Digital currency NEM (XEM) declined sharply on Thursday amid a broader shakeup in the altcoin market.

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