Trade Recommendation: XZCBTC

19:18 05/12/2017

Usually, breakouts from patterns tend to pull back to their breakout levels. A successful retest of the breakout from a large basing pattern is a good time to buy. It usually indicates the start of a new uptrend and offers the traders an entry with low-ri

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Trade Recommendation: ADABTC

08:00 02/12/2017

A sudden spurt in prices is to be noted because it may offer us a trading opportunity. However, we should avoid jumping on to a running train. We should wait for a consolidation to enter, which offers us a good risk to reward objective. One such cryptocur

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Trade Recommendation: MonaCoin

15:55 30/11/2017

Buying on dips in a confirmed uptrend is one of the best ways to earn profits on the long side. The next best way, though risky, is to try and enter a position when there are signs of a change in trend and accumulation by the strong hands. A change in a t

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Trade Recommendation: AUDUSD

17:58 24/11/2017

The price is going to bounce from the resistance zone formed by SMA100, the downtrend line and 0.76300 resistance level. RSI confirms price reversal. MACD histogram supports downward movement. ADX line falls and it tells us that we should not expect stron

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There’s a Lot of Upside With Stocks Reversing Trends

17:08 14/11/2017

The SPX continues to hover below the 2,600 mark with tightening range.Indicators show that the index is still in extreme overbought territory. It must pull back in order to sustain its ascent. Therefore, we continue to focus on stocks with limited risks b

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Trade Recommendation: GBPCHF

14:30 14/11/2017

The price broke the uptrend line and moved lower. A new attempt to return above 1.30700 was not successful. The price bounced from this level and it gave us a sell opportunity. Pending orders should be placed at 1.29780 level. Stop orders can be placed at

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Buy These Stocks to Leverage Reversals

18:33 13/11/2017

The S&P 500 Index has been on a tear since November of 2016. While many investors remain bullish on the index, technical analysis reveals that bearish patterns are emerging. A correction in the coming weeks after a year of unstoppable growth should be

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Buy AT&T for a Steady Dividend Income

18:27 12/11/2017

We believe that current fall in AT&T (NYSE: T) is a good buying opportunity for the investors who want to own dividend stocks. At the current levels, the stock offers an attractive dividend yield of 5.73%. The stock is also likely to show capital appr

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Uncertainty in Saudi Arabia as Dozens of Princes are Arrested

18:22 09/11/2017

Just a few days back we were impressed by the steps taken by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He played a major role in allowing women to drive and in allowing women to attend sports events from next year. He, then, announced the construction o

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Trading Recommendation – KBH, SIVB, MAIN, CNQ, PCSB and INGR

14:53 06/11/2017

The US stock markets continued their upward grind and the index recorded an eighth consecutive weekly close in the green. A new life-time is a sign of strength, which should be purchased. Hence, we have selected a few stocks that have a good risk to rewar

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Trade Recommendation: GBPNZD

10:03 01/11/2017

The price diverges with MACD and RSI, it gives us a trend reversal signal. MACD supports downward movement and DMI shows that bears are not so strong. The daily chart looks overbought and we should expect for a correction movement. It’s sell opportu

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Trade Recommendation: NZDJPY

11:28 30/10/2017

The price diverges with MACD and RSI and it gives us a trend reversal signal. RSI confirms price reversal from 77.60 support level. MACD lines support upward movement. DMI allows opening long trades. Pending orders for buy should be placed at 78.35 level.

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Buy These Stocks to Ride the Momentum

17:45 29/10/2017

After a minor correction in the early part of last week, the S&P 500 came back strongly and closed at new lifetime highs on Friday. Strong growth numbers and excellent results by major corporations boosted the index higher. Additionally, the expectati

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Trade Recommendation: Crude Oil

10:40 26/10/2017

The market is going to move upward. We can see a price reversal from the support zone formed by the uptrend line and 52.00 support level. DMI confirms range market conditions and for opening long trades it’s better to have an additional signal. Such

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Trade Recommendation: EURGBP

12:54 25/10/2017

The price breaks the uptrend line. RSI confirms price reversal and ADX moves upward to 20 level supporting possible downward movement. It shows that the market can drop lower. We can try to catch this price movement selling below 0.88850 level. Stop order

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